Timing has done more than 100 job interviews

On the verge of summer, the company has available on its website, more than 600 job openings for immediate or short-term entry

Timing, an Algarve human resources company, has carried out, since 2015, more than 100 job interviews. 

«Translated into simple numbers, to date, on average, more than 2200 workers of all nationalities, ages and genders have passed through Timing's sieve every month, who find in the company the gateway to the labor market, especially in the areas of tourism, civil construction, retail and logistics», says the company.

At the head are the Portuguese workers, who represent almost 60% (57%) of those interviewed by Timing, followed by the Brazilian (12%) and Cape Verdean (11%) communities.

Eastern European workers continue to represent an important share of the labor market with Ukrainians (6%) and Romanians (5%) being the most representative peoples, as well as Guineans (3%). These are joined by citizens of different nationalities (6%).

«Impressive numbers that, moreover, follow the evolution of the labor market in the region where the biggest drop in the country's unemployment rate was felt between the first and second quarter of 2019, with a variation of 2,3 percentage points. Moreover, the Algarve is, in addition to the central region, the one with the lowest unemployment rate in Portugal, only 5,3%», says the company.

«It is a symbolic milestone that Timing is now reaching and that fills us all with pride. We reached 100.000 interviews, but I believe that very soon we will reach other numbers that are even more surprising. And we celebrate this with the launch of the prototype of a unique recruiting tool – in partnership with the Timing group company dedicated to cutting-edge technology, Sirius Robotics – an interview system carried out by a fully autonomous robot», says Ricardo Mariano, CEO of the Algarve company.

At the gates of summer, the company has available on your site, more than 600 job openings for immediate or short term entry.