Lota Cool Market brings summer (and California) colors to Portimão

This is an event organized by Associação Teia d'Impulsos

“California Dreaming” is the theme of the 6th edition of Lota Cool Market, which promises to bring, from the 18th to the 20th of July, the colors of summer to the Portimão riverside area. 

The event, which will take place from 18:00 pm to 1:00 am, will bring together projects from national and innovative creatives, revealing new trends and original products, with the participation of more than 40 exhibitors, from different parts of the country and the Algarve, already confirmed.

«It is by the river Arade that the coolest market in the South presents once again proposals for vintage design and gourmet products, which attract hundreds of people, including residents and tourists. An open-air market with quality artisanal products and Portuguese craftsmanship, design, gourmet, streetfood, music and entertainment», says the Câmara de Portimão.

This initiative is aimed at creators with small brands and micro companies with original products, handmade or in small semi-industrial units. It aims to bring together a selection of these products, often sold online or in other markets in the country, thus repeating another reference market in the South, which promotes and brings creative projects from our country to the street and to the public, as well as from some invited foreign artisans.

Before last year's Lota Cool Market took place, one of the organizers of this event at Teia d'Impulsos traveled to California with his family.

When she returned to the days of the Mercado, the nostalgia of the trip never left her and that environment had to be remembered in an upcoming edition. And even so, thinking about the next one, it was “California Dreaming”.

This theme refers to the nostalgic feeling of the summer holidays with the presence of the sea, feeling the waves hitting the sand, watching the sunset with classic silhouettes and vintage of surfers in the water, remembering nights on the beach animated by the bonfire and conversations to the sound of a guitar, and refers to environments around the practice of water sports, the socializing of friends and families on the beach, the colors of summer, the surf trips of “loaf bread” vans with flower motifs.

Lota Cool Market is free to enter and there will be space not only for the exhibition and sale of new craft, design and gourmet products, but also for entertainment and music alluding to the theme. To complement this “California Dreaming” environment, this year's music poster will be very cool

For the opening of the Market, on Thursday, the 18th, FlyinKings will bring a Ska/Reggae sound from Cascais for the public to jump.

On Friday, the 19th, Marcos Alfares, with his Goldcobra project, will show the enormous influences of 80s pop in his themes and image, whose career has been supported by the composition and production of musician and artist Diogo Piçarra.

Saturday, the 20th, is the day set aside for the grand closing with the well-known DJ TobyOne who comes from Lagos to get the audience dancing. In addition to this daily poster, ambient music will not be lacking daily with resident DJ Dimon.

The animation will be complemented with trampolines, an inflatable and a climbing wall, the latter being free to use, offered by MyDynamic.

Lota Cool Market wants to convey an environmental message and, as in the past year, it calls on everyone to reuse plastic cups and separate the garbage produced by food consumption at the event, to place in the existing containers on site for the effect, with the support of ALGAR.

This is an event organized by the Teia d'Impulsos Association, which has the partnership of the Municipality of Portimão, the support of the Parish Council of Portimão, Sagres, Algar, the Institute of Ports of Sines and Algarve, Captaincy of Portimão, and the support of average of Sul Informação and Radio Alvor.

For more information about the organization of Lota Cool Market, consult the event's Facebook page here