Fiona came from “Bué Bué Longe” for the Motard Concentration

Economic impact on the municipality of Faro will be "a few million" euros

Fiona and Ian

Fiona and Ian left Scotland on a motorcycle last Saturday, covered nearly 5 kilometers and arrived, this Wednesday, in Faro to participate in the 38th Motard Concentration, which starts today, July 18th. The expectations of Ian and Fiona are the best, as well as those of the organization, which hopes that this year's edition «goes as well as in previous years, especially last year».

In the past 11 years, Ian has come to four biker concentrations. The Scotsman, sitting near one of the bars on the premises, praises the atmosphere of the event and considers that "it has changed a lot compared to last year", but still does not have a definite opinion whether it was for the better or for the worse. "I haven't had time to evaluate yet, so I'm enjoying it," he told the Sul Informação.

Fiona, on the other hand, is in Faro for the first time. «Love it! [I love it],” she says excitedly.


Blek and Rere


Also just arrived at Faro there are Blek and Rere, from the Motard Ri-Raw Club, who make a point of praising the conversation with the journalist. The trip was shorter than that of Ian and Fiona, but even so, they covered 1700 kilometers on a motorbike from Toulouse, France. Have you heard about the Motard Concentration of Faro and, this year, they decided to participate. First impressions "are being good".

José Amaro, president of the Moto Clube de Faro, is used to receiving compliments. "We have been doing this for 38 years, we think it has been well organized, hence the success it has had," he said at a press conference.

This year, the goal is that "it runs as well as in previous years, especially as last year, which was spectacular."

For 2019, there has been a “radical change in several sectors. The Oasis part was completely modified and also the bikeshow it has a different look», emphasizes José Amaro.



In terms of shows, the option was “for diversity. We don't just have rock music. There is a little of everything. Motorcyclists are open-minded and adhere to good concerts».

However, the animation will not only be restricted to Vale das Almas, where the enclosure is installed. «We have entertainment in Baixa de Faro, on Friday and Saturday, and we invite the population to go watch the shows».

The organization expects 18 thousand entries, and, inside the enclosure, 26 to 27 thousand people are expected. "This is the forecast, but if there are more entries, if we reach 20 thousand entries, we have everything prepared for this amount of people."

Despite being one of the best editions of recent years, last year's Concentration was marked by threat of a reckoning involving the Hells Angels and rival groups. Everything went for the best, but José Amaro admits that such a situation “affects people, who get scared. I think that a lot of people didn't come because of what was said last year and won't come this year, but we can't forbid anyone from entering here».

Therefore, the Hells Angels must be present in this edition of the Concentration, because they asked for a space to sell merchandising. “For everyone who asks for space, we arrange it. But if there is a problem with them, or with someone, the security forces are there».



In terms of security device, it will be similar to previous years and, in the enclosure, there will be 120 private security guards.

To promote road safety, only drive to get to Vale das Almas or Baixa de Faro, who wants to, since there is a free bus, which runs between the concentration and the city, and vice versa, for 24 hours, until 9:00 am on Sunday.

Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro, also he biker, sees the Concentration as an opportunity for the municipality that should not be missed.

“People, sometimes, have no idea and make some criticisms of this event, but in these four days, millions enter the municipality's economy. There is no other event with such a huge economic impact. Therefore, it is important to maintain the Concentration and support the Moto Clube», he considers.



As head of Municipal Civil Protection, Rogério Bacalhau says that “the security plan is approved, the means are all in place, whether the PSP, the GNR or private security. From what was possible to predict, things are well underway. We have no signs that could indicate that something is going to go wrong».

Also because, according to the mayor, this is a «Concentration of families. There are from babies to very old babies. People come to socialize, to meet friends and what I hope is that it can be another family party and an event that gives dimension to the Moto Clube and the county's notoriety so that, whoever comes here, take good memories and feel like come back», he concludes.




Photos: Rodrigo Damasceno |Sul Informação