Faro gives a "very positive" balance of the 38th Motard Concentration

Event gathered around 25 thousand visitors

The balance of 38th International Motorbike Concentration Faro, which ended this Sunday, 21 July, is “very positive”, demonstrating, in this edition, the “peaceful and even family character” of the event. 

In a press release, the Chamber of Faro made public, this Monday, 22nd of July, its "satisfaction" with the success of the event, which brought together about 25 thousand visitors.

«The Municipality welcomes the Moto Clube de Faro (MCF) for this success and praises the work of the authorities involved, who knew how to rise to the occasion, putting together a safety device that was efficient and adjusted in its implementation», says the municipality.

“So that everything went well, the efforts of all the authorities involved, the firefighters, the INEM, the Red Cross and other entities that knew how to implement the security plan drawn up with the support of the municipality,” he adds.

According to the Chamber of Faro, «there were no significant changes in public order, which demonstrates well, once again, the peaceful and even familiar character of what is considered to be one of the largest concentrations of bikers in the world».

The municipality also leaves a "special" word of recognition to the Moto Clube de Faro for their professionalism and dedication, «for having made this great motorcyclist party even more appealing, with the changes and renewal of the concentration's image, an investment by the club whose sole objective was to improve the quality of the event, for the benefit of motorcyclists and visitors».

The Chamber also commends the «work of the medical device that ensured the well-being of all those involved, as well as the other services and entities that joined together to carry out this 38th edition of the Concentration, in particular the more than 1000 volunteers involved».

“Being an important achievement for the economy of the municipality and the region, it is even more pleasant to witness the involvement of our citizens who make this concentration, increasingly, a true celebration for all”, concludes the Chamber.