Aljezur gives medals to sports clubs and commander Mário Costa

Youth Clube Aljezurense and Grupo Desportivo Odeceixense will be distinguished for their contribution to sport in the county

The Aljezur City Council will award medals to the Aljezurense Youth Club and the Grupo Desportivo Odeceixense and to Mário Costa, commander of the Aljezur Volunteer Fire Brigade, in a ceremony that is still to be scheduled.

Award of distinctions or approved at the June 24th Chamber Meeting. The two groups will receive municipal medals for Sport Merit – Gold Grade. Mário Costa, will be awarded the municipal medal of Good Services – Gold Degree.

This year, the Juventude Clube Aljezurense celebrates half a century of existence in which it was linked to various sports, such as athletics, cycling, football, petanque, rollerblading and motorcycling, as well as recreational and cultural activities.

“Thousands of athletes and practitioners of the various sports have collaborated with this institution, with greater or lesser success, hundreds of leaders in the various social bodies, with victories, participation and action, in the formation of their various sports”, describes the City Council of Aljezur.

The Odeceixense sports group, created in 1974 shortly after the 25th of April, «has known throughout its existence, successes and failures, achieved a heritage that has been made available to its members and the population in general».

«Of the various sports, football, table tennis, gymnastics, among others, stand out. Nowadays, it presents a series of recreational modalities, between gymnastics, hip-hop, snooker team, indoor football, 11-a-side football, in the younger layers, organizing several annual events. It actively participates and collaborates with the City Council and the Parish Council, in various initiatives that mark its associative life», according to the Aljezurense local authority.

The distinction awarded to these two associations, «which has dignified and honored the municipality of Aljezur, is the recognition of the thousands of athletes who over these years have practiced activities in these clubs, as well as the hundreds of directors who were part of the governing bodies of the themselves and who were very committed and dedicated to the public cause».

Commander Mário Costa, who will also be distinguished, has been a volunteer firefighter since 1982. At the end of 1987 he assumed the position of deputy commander, having been 2nd commander since 1991. In 2001, he assumed the functions of commander.

Throughout his career, he was distinguished with attendance medals, copper, silver and gold grade and distinguished service medals copper and silver grade. In May 1990, at the invitation of the president of the National Fire Service, he headed a delegation of Portuguese firefighters to Brittany, France (marine rescue course).

He is currently a member of the board of the Algarve Firefighters Federation. Since April 2010 he has been acting as Municipal Operational Commander, on a service commission basis, at the Municipality of Aljezur, accumulating the position of commander of the Aljezur Volunteer Firefighters.

The "selflessness, altruism and dedication" that Mário Costa has shown, as well as "the great responsibility, dedication and competence, the noble mission at the head of the command of this institution", in his 18 years as commander of the corporation were the reasons which led the Chamber to award him the Medal of Good Services – Gold Degree.