Students with averages above 17 do not pay tuition fees at UAlg

This measure rewards academic merit, while seeking to attract the best students to UAlg

Students with averages equal to or above 17 points in secondary education do not pay tuition fees in the 1st year of the course at the University of Algarve, if they apply in first option to this higher education institution.

The support will be guaranteed by the UAlg excellence scholarship program, which already has more than 40 companies, each supporting at least one student who stands out for the grades obtained in secondary school.

In addition to scholarships «all students with a classification equal to or greater than 17 points, who apply to UAlg in first option, will continue to be awarded scholarships of excellence to students with the best application grade in each of the UAlg courses, provided it is equal to or greater than 15 values», announced the university.

By granting this support, the Algarve academy and its partners intend to reward academic merit, but also attract the best students to the Algarve. Basically, what is at stake is the saving of 871,52 euros, the value of the 1st year tuition fee.

"This initiative, within a framework of social responsibility on the part of the business fabric, represents an important sign of recognition of the merit for the work carried out by these students, in addition to being a significant help for families to bear the burden of their students", believes Paulo Águas, dean of UAlg.

In the seven editions held so far, the University of Algarve, together with more than 40 companies, «has already awarded almost 300 students who entered its initial training courses, totaling support of around 280 thousand euros».