Albufeira supports cultural associations with 140 thousand euros

Chamber admits supporting more associations, as soon as they deliver the necessary documentation

Since the beginning of the year, the Municipality of Albufeira has registered support in the amount of 140 thousand euros with ten cultural associations in the municipality.

«Albufeira is a very dynamic municipality in terms of associations. We have several cultural associations, which develop a wide range of activities in favor of the community. It is the duty of the municipality to offer conditions to these associations so that they can continue their work», considers José Carlos Rolo, president of the municipality of albufeira.

The Cultural Development and Collaboration protocols that have been signed will allow financial support to reach AMECA - Associação Musical e de Eventos Cultural de Albufeira, promoter of the Portuguese traditional music group “Entretenga”, to the Associação dos Amigos de Albufeira, responsible for the management and dynamization of UATI – University for the Third Age – Albufeira Hub, the AGA-Algarve Guitar Association and the São José Parish Church Factory – Ferreiras, who coordinate the Algarve Youth Guitar Orchestra, to the APEORality – Association for the Study and Research of Orality, which promotes the investigation of popular oral literature and is the founding association of the singing group “As Moças Nagragadas”; to the House of the People of Paderne, which houses the “Grupo de Amigos de Paderne”, to the CTC – Literary Research and Theatrical Creation Nucleus, which among the various projects stands out the realization of Festival T, to the Cultural Association Library-Museum of the Newspaper Avezinha, holder of the museum collection of the “A Avezinha” Newspaper Museum, to AANGA-Association of Angolans and Friends of Angola, to Paderne Musical and Popular Recreation Society, which integrates the Philharmonic Band, Music School and Choir Group, and to Associação Soul, which teaches dance – Hip-hop.

In addition to the financial contribution, the municipality supports the associations in terms of logistics, transport, provision of facilities and the holding of events.
José Carlos Rolo also clarified that by the end of the year protocols will be signed with the other associations, as they deliver the required documentation.


Photos: Albufeira Chamber