Parish Union of Faro awards best historical essay on the city

Works must be delivered by November 30th

The Parish Union of Faro decided to launch the “Ensaio Histórico” award, aimed at rewarding the best work dedicated to the history of the Algarve capital and its cultural heritage.

Works can be presented by national or foreign citizens, as long as they present their work in Portuguese, and may not exceed 150 pages.

The structure of the work is free. However, authors must agree with what is stipulated in the regulation and comply with the rules for formatting the works.

In addition to the originality and scientific rigor of the works in competition, the jury will have as criteria the clarity of the text and its communicational merit, bearing in mind that the primary objective of this award is to disseminate the history and cultural heritage of the city.

The winner will win a prize of 500 euros.

The Union of Parishes of Faro it may also, if it so wishes, publish the winning work in its own edition and the works must be delivered by the 30th of November.

To consult the regulation and obtain more information, you can consult the website of the União das Freguesias de Faro here