Silves will have a summer full of outdoor cinema

First session is tomorrow, in São Bartolomeu de Messines

The cycle “Cinema ao Ar Livre” will take place in the different parishes of the municipality of Silves from tomorrow until the 2nd of August, always at 21 pm.

The first session is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, in the external auditorium of the Parish Council of São Bartolomeu de Messines. The film to be shown will be “Gabriel”. On Monday, the 17th, there is a new session, this time in the outdoor area of ​​Sport Algoz e Benfica, with the film “Em Guerra por Amor”.

Until August, there are films every week, in different locations in the municipality of Silves (see full program below).

«The objective of this activity is to bring cinema to the population of the interior parishes, taking advantage of the summer period, bringing families to the streets, as well as bringing friends and neighbors together to enjoy an outdoor movie session, something that was very common “in the times” of our parents and grandparents», according to the Municipality of Silves, which organizes the cycle.


“Cinema Outdoors” cycle program:

– June 14 – SB Messines – Parish Council External Auditorium – Film: “Gabriel”
– June 17 – Algoz – External Auditorium of Sport Algoz e Benfica – Film: “Em Guerra por Amor”
– June 28 – Alcantarilha – External Auditorium of the Casa do Povo of Alcantarilha, Pera and Armação de Pêra – Movie: “Ou Nadas ou Afundas”
– July 5th – Pear – Primary School Courtyard –Film: “The Other”
– 17th of July – Armação de Pêra – Mini Golf – Movie: “Warring Search”
– 19th of July – Tunis – Largo da Junta de Freguesia – Film: “I want you so much!”
– 26th of July – São Marcos da Serra – Largo da Junta de Freguesia – Movie: “Menina”
– August 2 – Silves – Largo Conselheiro Magalhães Barros – Film: “São Jorge”.