Immigrant integration project in Odemira presented in Brussels

Project “Odemira Integra +” is in its second phase of execution, with guaranteed funding until August 2020

The “Odemira Integra +” project, which works the reception of immigrants in this municipality of Alentejo, was presented last Tuesday, 25 June, at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels. 

Deolinda Seno Luís, councilor of the Odemira City Council responsible for the area of ​​Social Intervention and president of the local Commission for Interculturality, had the opportunity to present the project whose main objective is to implement a strategy born in 2014, based on the participation of 45 partners of the community, capable of better welcoming and integrating national immigrants in a perspective of inclusion, favoring the cultural, social and economic enrichment of the territory and mitigating the impacts of this social change.

With this seminar “Integration of migrants and refugees in small territories: a factor for local development”, the European Committee of Regions and other partner entities, intended to give visibility to the importance of migration for development in low density territories, share knowledge and experiences of projects in execution and gather information that contributes to the definition of new public policies favoring better integration and social cohesion in these communities, beyond 2020.

Portugal is one of the 35 countries that integrate the initiative “Regions and Cities in favor of Integration” of the European Committee for the Regions, having the invitation addressed to the Municipality of Odemira arose as a result of the county's vast experience in the implementation of measures and hosting projects and integration of migrants in its territory, with the support of the High Commission for Migration, companies, public entities, NGOs and migrant representatives involving community, government, municipal and business funding.

The importance of creating collaborative networks of partners was also highlighted, of which the “Local Commission for Interculturality” is an example to enhance this objective.

The “Odemira Integra +” project is in its second phase of execution, with guaranteed funding until August 2020 and 32 measures are being implemented, in 13 intervention areas.