“The heart, if it could think, it would stop” is the new exhibition in Milreu

Exhibition will be open until 29 July

The exhibition “The heart, if you could think, would stop” opens this Saturday, June 29, at 18 pm, in the Roman Ruins of Milreu.

Nada Mandelbaum and Ernst Föll are responsible for the exhibition.

Both are Germans living in the Algarve and have a long career in the arts, from dance (Nada Mandelbaum) to architecture (Ernst Föll) and are currently, through photography and works on dyed paper, exploring «human sensibility » with “an acting force effect”.

«Great admirers of Fernando Pessoa, gave the title to his exhibition of one of the poet's phrases in his Livro do Desassossego», says the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve.

The exhibition will run until 29 July.