man who lived in Faro, Portimão and Olhão detained for child pornography

Files were shared on the Internet

A 44-year-old man of foreign nationality was arrested by the Southern Directorate of the Judiciary Police (PJ) for the crime of child pornography. 

The PJ, "following information provided by an international organization, gathered evidence that led to the arrest in flagrante delicto" of this man.

The detainee was found and seized, in computer support, a significant amount of files, in photography and video, of a pornographic nature, involving children, under the age of 14, in full nudity and in the practice of explicit sexual acts.

These files were shared on the Internet.

The accused, unemployed, was already internationally referenced for the commission of this crime.

For this reason he often moved house, having lived in Faro, Olhão and Portimão, «always using the internet services of the residences he occupied, registered in the name of third parties, so as not to be detected».

The arrest took place within the scope of an investigation overseen by the Public Ministry – Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Olhão, where the man will be present for the application of coercive measures.