Gisela João, Marco Rodrigues and Maria Emília give voice to the wine party in the streets of Lagoa

Late afternoons & different nights in the city center

Gisela João, in photo by Luísa Saldanha

Gisela João, Marco Rodrigues and Maria Emília are the three artists who add their voice to the guitar strings and to the colors and flavors of the Lagoa Wine show 2019, which will take place in the streets of the old town, from 20 to 22 June.

A good wine on hot nights, accompanied by fado and the good gastronomy of the region: these are the ingredients for three great days of celebration, where there is no lack of surprise in yet another Lagoa Wine Show, with a record of a street party.

During these three days, the evenings and nights will have more flavor in the heart of this city historically linked to the Algarve's wine heritage (Praça da República, Largo Alves Roçadas and Rua Coronel Figueiredo).

the stages Selected Harvest, Old Vineyards e Grande Reserva they will provide all visitors with tastings and moments of musical enjoyment of what is already a style classified as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity: fado.

But there is also Fado à Mesa and Fado à Janela. They are fado singers and musicians who roam the street restaurants, performing several times a night, bringing music to the table of visitors to the Lagoa Wine Show. Or, suddenly, a window opens and people will be surprised.

To the feast of the palate and music, the flavors of the show Cooking harmonized by the Wines of the Region.

The Lagoa Wine Show will be free to enter and will take place between 19:30 pm and midnight. Upon payment of 3 euros, the visitor will receive a commemorative glass of the date, with which he can taste the various proposals present, from North to South of the country.

In addition to wines from various regions, the event will attract gastronomic representations such as tapas, cheeses, sausages and sweets to Rua Coronel Figueiredo. Seating areas distributed along the four exhibitor areas will be part of this event that promises to liven up the heart of the city.