Ginásio Olhanense about proliga basketball

Two teams from the Algarve will compete in Proliga next season

This Saturday, June 1st, the Ginásio Clube Olhanense beat Clube Atlético de Queluz by 69-62 and guaranteed a rise to Proliga, the second Portuguese basketball division.

The Ginásio Patês Manná team, official name of the team from Olhão, had already won the first game of this final and yesterday again triumphed in front of their fans.

“Ginásio Patês Manná was champion, but they had to fight hard to get this hard-earned victory, because they faced a great team, with scrolls in Portuguese basketball,” says the Algarve team.

Now, in Proliga, the team from Olhão, who was crowned champion of the South Zone of the I National Division, will meet Immortal de Albufeira, who dropped out of division.