Faro distributes more than 900 euros to associations in the municipality

Chamber also prepares support for associations linked to the animal cause

The Chamber of Faro will distribute more than 900 euros to social, cultural, sports and youth associations in the municipality. The proposal was approved this Tuesday at the Chamber Meeting, and the amount to be allocated increases by approximately 380 thousand euros, compared to last year.

After considering the applications of the associations, in accordance with the Regulation of Support to Associations of the Municipality of Faro, 904.987,14 euros were allocated.

According to the Chamber of Faro, in terms of sports associations, the 47 approved candidacies represent support in the global amount of 397.401,58 euros. In youth associations, financial support in the amount of €27.400,00 was allocated to five entities.

In culture, 38 associations in the municipality were supported, with a total value of 280.002,26 euros and, in social associations, there were 35 approved applications, which will receive a total of 200.183,30 euros.

At the next Chamber Meeting, a proposal for attributing support to associations linked to the animal cause will also be voted on.

The Municipal Association Support Program, which was recovered by the current executive in 2014, «intends to create conditions for growth, innovation and decentralization of the activities carried out by the council's communities, in order to stimulate public participation and recognize the importance of associations for their contribution to sports, cultural, youth and social training”.