Phone booth call Faro the reading

The Reading Booths, already installed all over the country, reuse the old telephone booths, streamlined by the Altice Foundation

Once used to make calls, now it's a reading booth. The new space opened this Thursday, June 27, right in the center of Faro, next to Jardim Manuel Bivar. 

The reading booth aims to encourage reading in the municipality of Faro with the creation of a microlibrary, under the motto “Take, read, return”.

These spaces now feature a variety of titles, from novels, detective stories, books on children's and youth literature, cuisine, biographies, among others, belonging to the Municipal Library's fund. Faro or donated by the municipality's residents, publishers and bookstores.

Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro, underlines the importance of this project by stating that «the telephone booths continue to be an element that is in our memory, it is part of our culture. If it can be used with another meritorious valence, it is a good idea to use this cultural element to spread reading».


Photos: Rodrigo Damasceno | Sul Informação