Tomás Cabreira students win School Prize for the European Year of Cultural Heritage

Prize includes trip to Brussels

Students in the 2nd year of the professional course in Performing Arts at Escola Secundária Tomás Cabreira, from Faro, won the School Prize for the European Year of Cultural Heritage. 

Thus, on the 14th of June, students Beatriz Alcario, Beatriz Gomes, Beatriz Mimo, Carolina Isidoro, Djamila Gomes, Jessica Rodrigues, Tatiana Ribeiro and Valter Costa and professors Bruno Martins and Cristina Barcoso Lourenço, went to the Calouste Foundation Gulbenkian, in Lisbon, to receive the prize (trip to Brussels) for his participation in the competition.

Students Jéssica Sequeira and Sanj Adk, who were unable to go to Lisbon, also participated in the contest work.

The award (from the public) and the honorable mention were given by Guilherme Oliveira Martins, executive director of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and by Isabel Alçada, a writer linked to the School Libraries Network.

This initiative aims to promote knowledge of the European cultural heritage in its multiple dimensions; the understanding that cultural heritage is in permanent mutation, the co-responsibility of everyone in identifying and overcoming risks that may threaten it, and also the development of creative dynamics that guarantee its sustainability and evolution, in permanent dialogue with other cultural realities.

The awarded work was based on artistic performances developed in the technical disciplines of theater and related to the Cont'Arte project.

This project, promoted by the Libraries of the Grouping of Schools Tomás Cabreira, is aimed, above all, at valuing the writers who have gone through the Schools of the Grouping, disseminating them through various artistic languages.

In this sense, part of the work of the playwright, actor and teacher Luís Campião was analyzed by the students of and gained a new aesthetic sense. The work in the competition showed, through 3-minute videos, part of the product developed by the students.

The competition required the submission of two works in digital format: one on the cultural heritage of the local and national community and the other on an aspect or aspect of European cultural heritage.

The awarded work linked to the Portuguese cultural heritage, “Micropeça Liberdade”, illustrates in three minutes the artistic performance created to mark the 45th anniversary of the 25th of April Revolution, based on the homonymous work by Luís Campião. The performance questions the time of the dictatorship, of the forbidden, of a people who built themselves out of fear of feeling, touching, speaking. Simultaneously shows individuals who dare to push the limits by reaching out, touching and hugging.

The work on the aspect of European cultural heritage was based on the project “Stage of Babel – an audio piece” (based on the work “Stage of Babel”), which was staged in June by the students.

By option of staging in the technical discipline of Voice, the spectators were taken to the basement of the School. There, blindfolded, they “watched” the play, being then led by the student-actors to reflect and debate.

Based on this event, Luís Campião wrote “O Palco de Babel” (awarded by INATEL in 2015) which was presented to the competition in a three-minute video of the show, “Palco de Babel – an audio piece”.

Of the 52 works selected by the jury for the competition, 10 were developed by students from the Tomás Cabreira Schools Group. In addition to Luís Campião, the work “Iluminuras” by Carlos Augusto Lyster Franco, an intellectual, artist, writer, was analyzed. teacher and director, at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, of the current Escola Secundária Tomás Cabreira.

The works can be seen here

The competition is an initiative of the National Coordinator of the AEPC 2018, in partnership with the Research Center for Interactive Technologies (CITI-UNL) and the Jacques Delors European Information Center (CIEJD), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE), and it also counts on the participation of the following entities: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, National Reading Plan, School Libraries Network, Representation of the European Commission in Portugal.