Algar celebrates Children and Environment days with students from Algarve schools

There are initiatives scheduled for Faro and lakes

Algar set up a program of environmental education activities to celebrate Children's and the Environment's days and will invite students from schools in the region to the party.

The company responsible for the recovery and treatment of solid waste in the Algarve will be on Monday in Faro to promote an action aimed at preschoolers at the EB1/JI in Montenegro, “where it will be explained that separating for recycling is the solution for a better and cleaner world”.

On Friday, a similar action had already been promoted, but at the Escola Internacional do Algarve.

During the next week, Algar's Environmental Education Vehicle (VEA) will be in the municipality of Lagos, next to the EB School of Santa Maria, and will be visited by students from schools in the municipality between the 4th and 7th of June.

The groups of young people who visit the VEA “will be sensitized to the environmental impact caused by human action”, according to Algar.

«The objective of this action is to alert the youngest to the importance of the correct separation/deposition of recyclable packaging in recycling bins. Only in this way is it possible to give new life to the waste. Everyone can collaborate by carrying out good practices and promoting civic habits in order to protect the planet. Students will be able to verify some materials obtained through waste sorting processes, which are then used in the production of new products. They will be able to see that when they “recycle” they contribute to reducing the use of virgin raw materials in the manufacture of new objects», added the company.