Power of videogames is the subject of a lecture at CCV de Lagos

Lecture will be given by José Jácome, «"Ambassador" of the Finnish videogames industry»

The lacobrigense José Jácome, founder of the Helsinki Games Factory and «ambassador of the Finnish videogames industry», will be on Friday, at 21 pm, at the Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos, to deliver a lecture on the power of videogames as a means of communication, activation and collaboration.

The influence of computer games on people's lives is increasingly evident. “When the US army uses video games as a recruiting tool, or when, as has happened, a foreign minister of culture is more likely to recognize a character in a mobile phone game than a classic painter, you know something is up,” he illustrates. José Jácome.

«With the captivating power of video games and as a self-styled “Ambassador of the video game industry”, José Jácome is on an international mission to establish a global network of creative communities and video game studios, which aims to build cultural and collaboration bridges» , describes, in turn, the CCV of Lagos.

The entrepreneur has in his personal agenda «using this means of communication and entertainment to facilitate representation, integration, peace and democracy and, in general, the improvement of society».

«Now that we have an ongoing conversation about the Sustainable Growth Goals with the United Nations, what do we propose to do as culture, entertainment and business that intersect in the “battle of attention” in a sea of ​​information?”, asks José Jácome, who is described by CCV de Lagos as a “compulsive entrepreneur, strategist and visionist, specializing in creating ecosystems of innovation, business development and capabilities”.