Monchique plants fire-resistant species in place of eucalyptus

Action will include the presence of the Secretary of State for Forests and Rural Development

Small areas of disordered eucalyptus, on the south slope of the village of Monchique, are being replaced by species more resistant to fire and more characteristic of the region. In continuation of this work, this Friday, May 10th, there will be a planting action, which will count with the participation of schools and also with the presence of Miguel Freitas, Secretary of State for Forests and Rural Development.

This action, promoted by the Municipality of Monchique, Aspaflobal – Association of Forestry Producers of the Barlavento Algarvio and by Forum Algarve, follows the Christmas campaign of this shopping centre, which raised one euro for each user who used the ice rink.

The initiative scheduled for tomorrow «will rely on the involvement of volunteers, including students from schools in the Algarve», says Monchique City Council.

The meeting point will be at the S.Sebastião Parking lot, at 9:00 am and the start of work is scheduled for 9:30 am.

This is followed by a tribute and thanks to the Monchique Volunteer Firefighters.