Albufeira sensitizes young people to urban cleaning

Albufeira Town Hall challenges young people and other citizens to volunteer

Raising awareness of citizenship, namely for the maintenance of urban cleaning in the municipality, is the objective of the action “Albufeira sem Garbage – Urban Cleaning”, which will take place on June 15, a Saturday, from 9:30 am, with departure from the Miradouro of the Pau da Bandeira.

Albufeira Town Council is looking for volunteers to clean up the city and provide pocket ashtrays to smokers. The challenge is made to the population in general, but “in particular to young people”. Participation is free and "there are offers for all participants", according to the City Council of Albufeira.

The aim of this citizenship awareness action is to «contribute to the formation of responsible, autonomous, solidary people, who know and exercise their rights and duties in dialogue and respect for others, with a democratic, pluralist, critical and creative spirit, having as reference the values ​​of human rights».

It also aims to promote healthy lifestyles, health and well-being, as well as to raise awareness of the cause of urban pollution caused by all of us, but which some forget, particularly cigarette butts.

The initiative is promoted by the Albufeira Youth Office (GAJ) with the support of JuvAlbuhera – Youth Association of Albufeira.