PS proposes Judiciary in the School of Health and students in the PJ building

Deputy Luís Graça defends the creation of a university residence in the current premises of the Southern Directorate of the PJ

PS deputy Luís Graça proposed to the Government that it "make it possible" for the University of the Algarve to hand over the premises of the former School of Health to the Judiciary Police, so that the headquarters of this police can be installed there, in Faro. In exchange, the Algarve Academy would receive the PJ's current facilities, to create a residence for university students.

Luís Graça, who is also president of the Municipal Assembly of Faro, believes that this solution – “if it is technically and economically viable” – is quite balanced. The proposal “resolve two situations at once”, he explains.

The University of Algarve, at the beginning of the school year, it transferred all the courses that were being taught at the Escola Superior de Saúde to the Gambelas campus., leaving that vacant space.

The Algarve Academy, in November, joined the National Building Rehabilitation Fund and announced its intention to convert the building into a university residence. This year, the Government made official, in Diário da República, the inclusion, in the Fund, of the old school, together with the Guerreirinho palace.

However, Luís Graça believes that “it makes more sense for this residence to be built in the current PJ facilities, bringing young people to the historic center. The Judiciary Police, in turn, would be better served in the facilities of the Superior School of Health in terms of accessibility».

The recommendation comes from a question addressed to the Ministries of Justice and Higher Education, signed by the socialist deputies elected by the Algarve: Luís Graça, Jamila Madeira, Ana Passos and Fernando Anastácio.

In the matter, the parliamentarians maintain that this exchange would allow the University of the Algarve to create «in the beautiful but uninhabited historic center of Faro a residence for university students, thus also contributing to reversing the trend of desertification in the historic center", at the same time ceding the "former School of Health to the Southern Directorate of the Judiciary Police, located in one of the main entrances to the city and having an excellent network of road access throughout the region, to the headquarters of the Judiciary Police of Faro».

In the letter, the socialists also recall that the PJ's Union of Criminal Investigation Employees (ASFIC) came to public to draw attention to the lack of conditions in the current headquarters of Faro, admitting to seek solutions in other neighboring municipalities if conditions were not made available by the municipality of Faro.

“Recognizing the Government's strong commitment in terms of financial resources and political will for the technological and organizational capacity of the Judiciary Police – expressed in the investment of five million euros for the construction of the new premises of the Judiciary Police of Portimão, on land given to the effect by the Municipality of Portimão, as well as for the creation of conditions for the development of housing projects accessible to students", the socialist deputies call for "a renewed effort towards a final solution for Faro, which simultaneously serves the objectives of the University of Algarve and the Southern Directorate of the Judiciary Police, as well as the harmonious development of the municipality of Faro and the Algarve».