Semana Verde plants native trees and talks about climate change at Sítio das Fontes

Eduardo Rego, the well-known voice of the series “BBC Vida Selvagem”, will bring a presentation to the Algarve

Planting autochthonous trees, publicizing the MeteoFontes project, to talk about meteorology and climate change, a walking tour, a presentation by Eduardo Rego (the well-known voice of the series “BBC Vida Selvagem”), called “In Search of Lost Balance”, and also a meeting of the Clube Bonsai do Algarve.

These are the activities of Semana Verde, which runs until Saturday, March 23, at the Municipal Park of Sítio das Fontes, in Estômbar (Lagoa).

The “Plant your Tree” activity, with the planting of native species, intends to highlight events such as the Spring Equinox (today, the 20th), the World Day of the Forest or the Tree (International Day of Forests-ICNF), World Day of Water, or World Weather Day.

It involves the promotion of «a proactive attitude towards the importance of regeneration of the autochthonous forest in the Algarve with the involvement of the local and educational community».

Through the dissemination of activities related to the MeteoFontes Project (Weather Stations at Sítio das Fontes and Carvoeiro), it is intended to «contribute to the awareness of the participants regarding the phenomenon of climate change and its impact on the planet's ecosystems, on the quality of life of populations and the sustainability of the economy, as well as arouse interest in this branch of earth sciences ».

The “Coastal Flora” Exploratory Path is an activity included in the European Blue Flag Program 2019, with the objective of making known the plants of the coast and riverside areas.

The activities “Plant your Tree” (PMSF), “Weather and Climate Change” (CIN – PMSF) and the Exploratory Path “Coastal Flora” take place every day, from 9:30 am to 15:30 pm.

The presentation “In Search of the Lost Balance”, brings Lagoa Eduardo Rego and its NGO “Loving the Planet”, which was born from the urgent need to join efforts to achieve sustainability. This activity is scheduled for Friday, the 22nd, at 15:30 pm, in the auditorium of the Convento de S. José, in Lagoa.

There are numerous organizations with environmental concerns and this NGO is a meeting point for the best that each one of them offers for global balance. The presentation will be conducted by Eduardo Rego, the well-known voice of the series “BBC Vida Selvagem”.

The Clube Bonsai do Algarve activity, taking place on Saturday, the 23rd, aims to promote this ancestral art, thus promoting the taste for the use of native species for ornamental purposes. There will be live work and a small exhibition.

This environmental awareness and education event promotes, according to the organization, «attitudes, skills, knowledge that allow students, teachers, other members of the community and educational agents to interpret, assess and act in the environment to promote an environmentally balanced and responsible citizenship».