Prosecutor's Office appeals the annulment of the suspension of the Aljezur borehole

PALP says the Public Ministry came out "in defense of the law"

The Public Ministry appealed the decision of the Central Administrative Court (TCA) of the South revoking the sentence suspending the license to prospect for oil off Aljezur, decreed by the Administrative Court of Loulé. The final decision will now be up to the Supreme Administrative Court.

The MP advanced with the appeal "for considering that the decision of the Central Administrative Court was not correct, even because it did not take into account the precautionary principle," he explained to the Sul Informação Manuel Vieira, from the Algarve Livre de Petróleo Platform, who brought the original action.

At this moment, the period of hearing of the different parties is in progress, from the outset to the PALP, which in August 2018 saw the Administrative Court of Loulé grant a Provisional Provision which filed against the Ministry of the Sea and the ENI/GALP consortium to derail the TUPEM [Security for the Private Use of Maritime Space], but also targeted by the action.

“This process is still ongoing at TCA-Sul, but the final decision will be up to the Supreme Court”, revealed Manuel Vieira.

However, the PALP took a public position on this development in the process, where it says that the Public Prosecutor's Office decided to appeal the sentence "because it considers that it is its function to defend legality (in this case, the defense of the environment)".

"PALP considers the position taken by the Public Prosecutor's Office to be exemplary, thus defending the Law and opposing a ruling that chose to ignore the precautionary principle and place "knowledge of resources" above the risks to the environment." added the platform of associations and citizens against oil prospecting and exploration in the Algarve.

In fact, this decision ended up having “no negative practical effects because, at the time of its issuance, the concessionaires ENI and GALP had already renounced the contracts and, consequently, the TUPEM”.

A decision that was confirmed in the meantime by the PALP, which had access to the letter that made the resignation official, but only “after months of insistence with the Ministry of Environment and Energy Transition and after a formal complaint with the Commission for Access to Administrative Documents (CADA) ».

"The Platform will accompany this decision at the Supreme Court of Justice, continuing to defend the end of the legislation that grants rights for oil exploration and exploration and for legislation to effectively protect the Environment and populations", assured the PALP.

Anti-oil activists stress that “all this work has been possible thanks to the tireless support of all stakeholders, the general population and public and private entities in the region, and the donations received to cover the fees of the law firm – a collection of donations continues active to cover the next expenses».