Albufeira's “Dolphins” return to the field

This is «the football championship where everyone is a winner»

credits: Depositphotos

The Golfinhos Football Championship starts this Saturday, March 30, at 15 pm, at Estádio da Nora, in Ferreiras (Albufeira). 

According to the City Council of Albufeira, this is «the football championship where everyone is a winner». About 200 children between 5 and 8 years old face each other in this competition.

The dolphin teams are made up of athletes born in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 who represent the council's clubs: Academia Alto da Colina, Guia FC, FC Ferreiras, Imortal DC joining Sporting CP through the Nucleus that plays in Guia . This championship will cover the various stadiums in our municipality, over the next three months, according to the schedule of games already defined.

The Golfinhos Soccer Championship is an activity aimed at promoting the spirit of conviviality, the fair play, the integration and initiation in the practice of sports among children in Albufeira, which has been taking place, uninterruptedly, since 2007, with Albufeira being a pioneer in organizing this type of meetings for children aged 5 to 8 years.

«In the end, everyone will be winners and, above all, there will be a lot of entertainment, joy and fun in a climate of healthy competition where everyone will be winners», says the City Council of Albufeira.

The “Dolphins of Albufeira” initiative is a successful project, «consolidated over the last 13 years with the intention of promoting competitive activities for these age groups, as well as interaction between parents and children», he adds.

With games always at 15:00 pm, the schedule of the matchdays is as follows: 2nd matchday – 6th April (Sintéticos do Arsenio Catuna), 3rd matchday – 25th April (Sintéticos Municipal de Albufeira), 4th matchday – 5th May (Campo Alto da Colina), 5th round – 25th of May (Arsénio Catuna Stadium).

The final is on the 8th of June, at Estádio da Nora – Ferreiras.