Ferragudo returns to bury the Shroud on Ash Wednesday

Mrs. Maria Salmonela das Dores Paciência is the widow of Shrovetide…

Another edition of “Entro do Entrudo” will take place in Ferragudo tomorrow night, March 6, Ash Wednesday, with a funeral procession through the streets of the village, commissioning of the soul, reading of the will and burning of the Entrudo.

The funeral procession departs at 21 pm from the headquarters of ACD Ferragudo, which, for the 00th consecutive year, is promoting this event again, then following several streets in the town and ending at Praça Rainha D. Leonor.

This initiative, with lots of humor and biting criticism to the mix, actively moves more than 30 people linked to ACD Ferragudo.

The Entrudo Burial is part of the Carnival of Collectivities in the Municipality of Lagoa and has the support of the Municipality of Lagoa and the collaboration of the Parish Council of Ferragudo and Rádio Lagoa.