Câmara de Olhão and DECO promote workshops to help consumers

Registration for these sessions is free but mandatory

The “DECO(IN)Forma” workshops take place, until October, at the Olhão Library, and will address topics such as consumer rights and aggressive sales. 

This is an initiative that results from the partnership between the Municipality of Olhão and DECO, a consumer protection association.

The next session, under the theme “Knowing by heart… the rights of consumers”, will take place on the 25th of March, at 15 pm. On this day, the public can get to know how to make the best choices of products and services on the market or how to claim and assert their rights.

On April 16, also at 15 pm, the theme to be discussed is “The health you are entitled to”. The right to medical information, health care appropriate to the clinical condition, the right to health for children and cancer patients or user fees will be matters that will be on the table.

In May, on the 22nd, also at 15 pm, and as part of the National Energy Day, the Municipal Library of Olhão receives the workshop “Slimming down your energy bill”. Combating waste will be addressed with tips to save energy at home or to choose the most energy efficient equipment.

At the end of the summer, DECO's sessions in partnership with the Municipality return, on September 19, at 10 am, with the theme “Aggressive Sales and Scams against Seniors”, included in Senior Week. Unfair commercial practices, products miraculous or how best to defend against deceptive or aggressive practices.

During Healthy Eating Week, the theme is “Keeping an eye on the label, for your health”. On October 16, at 15:00 pm, DECO specialists will make known the function of nutrients and in what quantities to ingest them, how to interpret the labeling and the meaning of each designation or how to identify the quantities of sugar, salt and fat from the products.

To mark World Savings Day, on October 30th, at 15 pm, we will be able to learn about “The essentials about the personal economy”.

This session will address the need or desire for consumption, the assessment of financial resources and the efficient and optimized use or the strategies to adopt when there are financial difficulties.

Registration for these sessions is free but mandatory to redesocial@cm-olhao.pt.