Government guarantees that "it has no intervention" in the reconstruction of burned houses in Monchique

Government plans to pay all contributions related to the reconstruction of houses destroyed by the Monchique fire still in 2019

The Government says that "it has no intervention" in the process of rebuilding the houses, in Monchique, and that it has already ratified the protocol that will make it possible to fund out-of-pocket part of the costs incurred by the victims in carrying out the necessary works.

"The contracts for carrying out the works in the damaged houses are promoted by the respective owners with the monitoring of the municipality of Monchique, who is responsible for the respective licensing when required, so the Government has no intervention in this process", guaranteed the Ministry of Environment and da Transição Energética, in response to a question made by MPs Paulo Sá (elected by the Algarve) and João Dias.

On January 18, the PCP questioned the Government about the "inadmissible delay in the recovery of houses burned in the fire in the Serra de Monchique". In response, the ministry said that it is currently "in progress to hand over to the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation, IP (IHRU) the processes that the municipality considers to be able to be financed under the Porta de Entrada program" .

The money destined to share the costs of the works will be allocated under the Institutional Cooperation Protocol, which was approved on December 12 by the Secretary of State for Housing.

Bearing in mind that reconstruction is the responsibility of the owners, “the Government cannot intervene in a process whose initiative falls to these owners. Nevertheless, it is hereby informed that, with the exception of leasing solutions, the aforementioned protocol provides for the full use of the funds from the contributions in the current year of 2019".

This was the answer given by the Government to a set of questions raised by the Parliamentary Group of the PCP. The communists demanded to know what "concrete circumstances dictated this unacceptable delay in starting and completing these works", as well as what "urgent measures" the Government intended to take "to speed up the process of recovering the houses that burned in the fire".

The communists also asked the tutelage to indicate when the works will start and when its completion is planned.