Castro Marim gives 90 euros in scholarships

Câmara awarded 62 scholarships to secondary and higher education students

This year, the Castro Marim City Council awarded more than 90 euros in scholarships for students in secondary and higher education in the municipality.

According to the municipality, 62 scholarships were awarded, 41 for secondary education and 21 for higher education, «allowing young people residing in the municipality to continue their studies, regardless of their economic and financial condition. For each secondary education student, 1000 euros are allocated annually and for higher education students, 2500 euros (varying amount depending on the granting of the faculty scholarship)».

The Chamber of Castro Marim considers that «this is an investment that defends the development and future of Castro Marim and that, at the same time, promotes academic achievement, since it is one of the conditions for the granting of scholarships».

In the last three years, according to the municipality, around 230.000 euros were invested in the attribution of scholarships.

However, the municipality emphasizes, «the education policy and school social action includes other initiatives and measures, among which we can highlight the attribution of an annual economic aid for the purchase of school material to basic education students belonging to households from low incomes, the purchase of 1st cycle students' card books, the financing of 50% of the value of the public transport pass for all students residing in the municipality studying at the Vila Real de Santo António Secondary School, the provision of transport school to all 1st cycle students whose residence is located more than 3km from the educational establishment they attend and the annual trip of the best students of each year and each class».

The Chamber of Castro Marim also emphasizes that "it collaborates with the University of the Algarve in the attribution of Scholarships of Academic Excellence to students, residing in the municipality, who entered the faculty this academic year".

The Excellence Scholarships pay in full the tuition fee for the 1st year of undergraduate or integrated masters, to the five best students from Castro Marim.