A couple of fake veterinarians had a clandestine clinic in Tavira

Suspects also bred and sold purebred dogs.

A 62-year-old man and a 66-year-old woman, who pretended to be veterinarians and had a clandestine clinic at home, in Tavira, were accused by the GNR's SEPNA, on suspicion of the crimes of falsifying documents, usurpation of functions and qualified swindle.

According to the Territorial Command of Faro, "suspects posed as veterinarians and ran a clandestine clinic in their residence, falsifying animal vaccination bulletins with a stamp that did not exist and was unknown to the Portuguese and Spanish Veterinary Association".

In the same space, the suspects "bred and sold dogs of different breeds, from German shepherd, Labrador, Yorkshire and pinscher, always with vaccination bulletins with fake stamp and signature", adds the GNR.

The investigation had been ongoing since July 2018 and culminated in four searches, one at home and three in vehicles.

In these searches, the GNR seized 132 ampoules for animal vaccination, 61 syringes and 192 needles, three vials with injectable solution for dogs, medicine for dogs, business cards, two laptops and three mobile phones, documents related to veterinary activity and a stamp fake with veterinarian inscriptions.

In the operation, 48 breeding dogs without registration and license of the animals were also detected. The house also did not have a kennel license, which is required for spaces with more than seven animals, and did not have the necessary requirements for the sale of pets. Due to these illegalities, infraction notices were drawn up.

In the action, 23 soldiers from the Territorial Command of Faro, assisted by a Veterinary Doctor from the Food and Veterinary Service of the Algarve Region and a Veterinary Doctor from the Municipality of Tavira.