Carlos Porfírio and modern art at the 125th anniversary of the Museum of Faro

Exhibition, which is the result of partnerships with other entities, brings together some of the biggest and best representatives of Portuguese Futurism and Modernism

museum of Faro – Photo: Fabiana Saboya

An unprecedented exhibition in the Algarve, in which the art of Carlos Porfírio dialogues with works «of the greatest figures of Portuguese modern art», will be one of the gifts that the
Municipal Museum of Faro he will give himself for his 125th birthday, which is celebrated on Sunday.

On the 3rd, the anniversary will be celebrated “with a program full of activities”, which begin at 10:00 am and reach a high point with the inauguration of the exhibition “Carlos Porfírio: Dialogos do Modernismo” at 17:00.

The result of partnerships with Gulbenkian, Chiado Museum, Grão Vasco Museum, Lagos Municipal Museum, Cinematheque, UALG Library and private collectors, this exhibition «presents the artistic production of Carlos Porfírio in a space of relationships that he played with the greatest figures of Portuguese modern art».

«Unprecedented in the Algarve, the exhibition will exhibit works by some of the greatest and best representatives of Futurism and Portuguese Modernism such as Santa Rita Pintor, Almada Negreiros, Eduardo Viana or Jorge Barradas, as well as important names linked to the Algarve such as Carlos Lyster Franco, Raul Marques Carneiro, Roberto Nobre or José Dias Sancho», according to the Chamber of Faro.

After the inauguration and a port of honor, there will be a musical moment, in charge of the band "Luís Conceição & Osmose", which will release a new work of originals coming out in April 2019.

During the morning, the museum invites you to participate “in the fun face paintings and caricatures, and also to watch the musical moments with João Violão and the Ossónoba youth choir”.