Odelouca Dam, ETA and ETARs open doors to mark World Water Day

Águas do Algarve shows its work to mark World Water Day

The doors of the Odelouca Dam, the Tavira Water Treatment Plant (ETA) and the Companheira, Albufeira Poente and Almargem WWTPs will be open, between March 19th and 21st, to celebrate World Water Day, which will take place. marks the 22nd of March.

According to Águas do Algarve, which promotes the initiative, “through these Open Doors Days, we also want to make an appeal to strengthen cooperation. Water is a common resource, which must be used wisely and sparingly. We are going to take care of the water every day of the year, making it a conscious use routine to ensure that in the future there will still be water for everyone to enjoy».

«At Águas do Algarve, we work every day to bring the best water to your home and that is why on this very special day we want to celebrate it with you», adds the company, which invites you to enjoy «a different day , spent in our company and where you can get to know a little better the different facilities that exist in our region».

The Odelouca dam, which «is our main source of water supply, and is also a place of great beauty to be visited, which remains in the memory of those who pass by», can be visited on 21 March , at 10:30.

The ETA in Tavira, where “the water that arrives from reservoirs and dams is treated, which will later reach all of us”, will have its doors open, also on the 21st, at 15:00 pm.

In relation to the WWTPs, which «treat wastewater of domestic and/or industrial origin, commonly called sewers to then be drained into the receiving environment (to the sea or river, or for reuse in the irrigation of green spaces or gardens) will be open on different days.

On the 19th, the Companheira WWTP can be visited, on the 20th, the Almargem WWTP and, on the 21st, the Albufeira Poente WWTP. Visiting hours are at 10:30, or 14:30.

More information about opening times and registration, which are limited, is available. here.