PCP wants to know when deficiencies in Obstetrics and Cardiology will be resolved Faro

The communists questioned the Ministry of Health about the lack of human resources, material and service conditions

Photo: Fabiana Saboya|Sul Informação

The PCP wants to know what measures the Government is taking to provide the services of Obstetrics and Cardiology at the Hospital de Faro more human and technical resources.

In the case of the Obstetrics service, the communists want to know why no vacancies in the medical specialty of Gynecology/Obstetrics were opened at the University Hospital Center of Algarve (CHUA) in the competition for the hiring of 413 health professionals, opened on 19th December.

With regard to the CHUA Cardiology service, the PCP wants to know if the Government considers that the shortage of doctors in this service will be resolved "with the possible hiring of a cardiologist" within the scope of the tender procedure.

But the problems of these two services are not limited to doctors, in the view of the PCP. Hence, the questions addressed to the tutelage by deputies Paulo Sá – elected by the Algarve – and Carla Cruz, also focus on the hiring of the “adequate number of nurses, senior technicians and operational assistants”.

The lack of equipment in both services was also questioned, with the communists asking specifically about the acquisition of the 3D echocardiograph, «promised 4 years ago», but also about the lack of clinical material for the Cardiology Service «which forced, for example, the transfer of a patient to Lisbon for lack of a pacemaker to be placed in it».

The PCP took the opportunity to ask for clarification on the progress of the requalification works of the Cardiology Service of the Hospital de Faro, "which should have started in 2018".

“Does the Government confirm that these works will start in 2019? If so, what month? When will they be completed? How much money is available for these works?”, they ask.

As for the Obstetrics Service, the communists want to know if the Government recognizes «that the facilities of the Obstetrics Service of the Hospital de Faro are meager” and what measures will be taken to overcome this problem.