Algarve organizes its first Dog Puller competition

Any dog ​​of any breed, size or age can participate.

The Algarve makes its debut this Sunday, the 13th, in the organization of a Dog Puller competition, a new canine sport, which is starting to give its first cards in Portugal and has more and more fans.

It is the first time that the Algarve organizes a “Dog Puller” competition, a new canine sport that has attracted more and more practitioners in the country. The first competition of the year of the national championship takes place at the Iron Dog Algarve canine training school, in Quarteira, this Sunday, the 13th, from 10 am, and promises to bring together more than a dozen participants.

Gyöngyi Pánczél, 32, founder of Dog Puller Portugal, explains that this sport “unwinds around a single object: the Puller”, a kind of purple ring. An «interactive training tool that provides an effective and complete training, using strength, coordination and endurance, and that strengthens the relationship between dog and human».

Gyöngyi Pánczél moved to Portugal three years ago and has been dedicated to promoting the sport ever since. He defends, above all, that the Dog Puller «helps to facilitate the motivation and self-control of the dogs».

This Sunday, dogs compete in two 90-second categories: the Puller Running and Puller Jumping.

Yesterday, the organization promoted a workshop on the sport at Quinta dos Patudos, in Messines. The workshop was “a mix of theoretical and practical components”, where the instructors had “time to work with all participants and their dogs individually, as well as learn more about the Puller as a multifunctional training tool”.

About the debut of the Algarve and the choice of Iron Dog Algarve to host the first competition of the national Dog Puller championship of the year, the founder of the sport in Portugal explains that «Dog Puller Portugal carefully selects the facilities where it organizes the competitions, having as based on the sizes and general conditions of the fields. The Iron Dog Algarve school, in Quarteira, has an excellent grass field in good condition and has all the fundamental conditions to host this event. We invite all dog lovers and owners to watch the competition, feel the atmosphere, and enjoy the dogs' enthusiasm during the race».

Gyöngyi explains that “the event will start with the 'Puller Running' category in different categories like puppy, mini, maxi, drive, veteran. After the last competitor, there will be a 45-minute break, and then the 'Puller Jumping' discipline will begin. The delivery of the prizes is scheduled for 14 pm».

The Dog Puller was created in 2012 and quickly spread all over the world, arriving in Portugal in 2017. In the first championship in Portugal (2017-2018), it had 35 dogs competing in different categories and, «this season there are already more participants and the competition will be even more exciting», stresses Gyöngyi.

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