At Timing, you can now take your dog to work

Benefits of this practice "are proven", says Timing

The Algarve company Timing already dog friendly (dog friendly) and allows employees to take the pet to the workplace… on their birthday.

“The initiative is still very recent in Portugal, but more and more companies are adhering to this type of practice”, explains Timing.

Ricardo Mariano, CEO of the company, says that «my team's call came and I decided that, from now on, all colleagues who have a dog and wish to provide a different day on their birthday, can bring the even in the office, on that special day, under some rules. They will certainly be very well received».

According to Timing, the benefits of this practice “are proven: it reduces stress, promotes the relationship between colleagues and increases work productivity. Google and Nestlé worldwide are some examples of companies that are already dog ​​friendly».