Universidade do Algarve has once again awarded scholarships to its excellent students

Excellence Scholarships have supported 289 students in the last seven years

This Saturday, 46 November, 10 students from the University of Algarve received their Scholarships of Excellence, in a public ceremony, which took place in the Grand Auditorium of the Campus de Gambelas. The seventh edition of the initiative had the participation of 43 entities. Since the Institute of Excellence Scholarships, 289 students have been distinguished, with a total support of around 280 thousand euros.

The scholarship awarded pays in full the tuition fee for the 1st year of undergraduate or integrated masters to the best students who enrolled in the first year, in 2018/2019. This year, the fee was €989,99.

«The challenge was launched by the University of Algarve and, once again, entities from different areas, such as tourism, banking, health, real estate, commerce and services, responded to the challenge, rewarding and recognizing the merit and academic excellence of the students». explains the Algarve Academy.

This year, for the first time, Altice Labs, Hospital de Loulé, Multiselect, Thai – Thai Restaurant in Vilamoura and Marinas do Barlavento joined the initiative. The Municipality of Aljezur also made its debut in this edition, awarding a scholarship to the best student from this municipality.

Joana Saraiva was one of the contemplated students. He came from Tomás Cabreira Secondary School, in Faro and entered the University of Algarve in the Hotel Management course, with an average of 18,43.

The student, at the ceremony, spoke on behalf of the awarded students and explained the reasons why she chose the University of Algarve to study: «For now, because UAlg has a lot to offer us. It is not necessary to leave the Algarve to find quality education or good opportunities».

For Joana Saraiva, «it is necessary to stay, bet and work on the development of the University and the region. I am sure that only synergies can result from this, because we are all working to achieve a common goal, which is a better future, whether our future, that of the University, that of the companies that are represented here, that of the region or the country ».

Maria Inês Pinheiro da Silva finished the 12th year at Escola Secundária D. Manuel I, in Beja, and joined the Marine Biology course, in first option. In addition to the importance of the monetary value, the student, who entered higher education with an average of 18,02, highlighted the motivational factor that this initiative generates in students. “I learned about this initiative in the 11th grade, I already had the average to enter the course, but I worked for the scholarship”, he says.

Cláudia Paulo came from the Basic and Secondary School of Calheta, in Madeira. He entered the Tourism course with an average of 17,2 and considers that this initiative “is the recognition of his effort and dedication to get here, in addition to being an excellent financial aid”.

Artur Rodrigues, debuting at UAlg, but not in Higher Education because he had already attended a university in Lisbon, completed his 12th year at Escola Secundária Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia, in Tavira. He started in Computer Engineering, with an average of 17,3 values. He was already aware of this initiative and recognizes that it was one of the factors that led him to choose the institution.

From the perspective of companies, «it is very important to attract and support new talent», stresses the University of Algarve.

This year, it was up to Maria José Encarnação, representative of GMS and MSCAR, to speak on behalf of the entrepreneurs and entities involved. In his opinion, "it is crucial that academia and business are interconnected and with this initiative the University bridges these two worlds, valuing excellence."

Paulo Águas, Rector of the University of Algarve

A participant since the first edition, Maria José Encarnação believes that «the growth and strength of training lies in the students, because the region needs staff and people who like the Algarve».

Paulo Águas, dean of UAlg, publicly thanked «the work done by the teachers of the awarded students, in particular the most recent ones, some of them present here». He also thanked the municipalities that joined this initiative.

In the words of the rector, «the University of the Algarve intends to assume, more and more, as a partner of all educational agents, of all educational institutions of the most different levels».

Finally, Paulo Águas said a word of thanks to the companies, who have allowed, for the seventh consecutive year, the delivery of excellence scholarships. “In accumulated terms, we are approaching three hundred scholarships, which is remarkable”, he concluded.

The list of awarded students is available here.