Loulé Civil Protection raises awareness of the risk of floods and floods

During the month of October, the Civil Protection of Loulé went around the municipality to raise awareness of the risk [...]

During the month of October, Loulé's Civil Protection moved around the municipality to sensitize the population to the risk of floods and floods.

«The awareness program had the cooperation of the Loulé Fire Department and was fixed in order to provide direct contact with the population in the most vulnerable areas of the Municipality to this type of phenomenon, especially in the parishes of São Clemente, São Sebastião, Boliqueime, Almancil and Quarteira», says the Câmara de Loulé.

In these places, leaflets and posters on preventive and self-protection behavior were distributed.

The municipal technicians also left advice on clearing and monitoring rainwater drainage systems and removing aggregates and other objects that could be dragged or create obstacles to the free flow of water, among others.

The constitution of a Kit emergency (battery radio and flashlight, batteries, first aid material, food, copy of identification and health documents) and the creation of insurance for homes or businesses and respective contents were also suggestions made to the population.

This action is part of the municipal awareness strategy, since, as those responsible consider, «an informed community is a prepared community and the best way for each one to intervene is to be aware of the risks that exist in their environment, as well as regarding the self-protection procedures that must be adopted, thus being able to minimize the damages arising from an unusual situation».

The municipality of Loulé was buffeted in 2012 and 2015 by floods and floods caused by excessive rainfall in a short period of time, «these phenomena are increasingly frequent and unpredictable, considering the climate changes that are increasing in frequency and the intensity of extreme events that will be increasingly devastating».

The Municipality of Loulé is one of the 25 cities and towns considered “resilient” in Portugal. The “Resilient Cities” Campaign is a project promoted by the United Nations, launched in 2010 to highlight the importance of the local level in the development of resilient communities.