New GNR Territorial Command in Loulé reinforces «Algarve's security image»

He still doesn't know when the work will start, nor when it will finish

The GNR Territorial Command in the district of Faro it will be in Loulé, in a modern building, with better conditions and built from scratch, reinforcing «the safety image of the Algarve» which is crucial for tourism, believes Eduardo Cabrita, Minister of Internal Affairs.

The collaboration contract between the Loulé Chamber, the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration and the National Republican Guard for the work was signed this Friday, November 9, with the presence of the official responsible for the Ministry of Internal Administration.

Still, for now, there are issues to be fine-tuned. On the sidelines of the session, Eduardo Cabrita said that the next step is "to move on to the project's elaboration phase", so that, later, the work can begin.

Minister Eduardo Cabrita

Therefore, there is no official start date, nor a forecast of when the work will be completed. As for the final values, they are not yet defined either, but the project must represent an investment of «about 10 million euros».

And who will pay? The Ministry of Internal Administration and the Chamber of Loulé. In what ways? «We will also make the appropriate phase of the amount», replied Eduardo Cabrita, who, before signing this contract, visited the works of the future GNR barracks in Almancil and Quarteira and the Logistic Support Base (BAL) in Quarteira.

As for the change of the Territorial Command of Faro, district capital, to Loulé, the government official guaranteed that he spoke «with the mayor of Faro» who, in fact, had been «notified before the mayor of Loulé» of this change.

«The GNR has no responsibility in the urban area or in the area of Faro, nor from Portimão. It makes no sense for the command to be where it has no jurisdiction. The command must be where it has jurisdiction and, within those spaces, in one that has operating conditions considered ideal. That's why, on the contrary, the PSP command in the region will certainly continue in Faro», justified the Minister of Internal Administration.

Speaking of a "very significant" investment in the area of ​​security throughout the Algarve (16 million euros in works), the minister said that "Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world and this is a brand that we want to keep associated to the country'.

Not least because security is "an element for promoting quality of life, attracting tourism and investment," he added.

«We know countries that do not lack natural resources, but in which investment does not exist because they are associated with an image of insecurity», considered Eduardo Cabrita.

Luís Botelho Miguel, commander-general of the GNR, also referred to the issue of security as an “essential factor for social cohesion”. As the Algarve is an excellent destination for tourism, the challenge requires «a continuous and adequate response».

Vítor Aleixo, president of the Chamber of Loulé, heard by the Sul Informação, he highlighted “the fantastic accesses”, next to the Heliport and the A22 junction, which the territorial command will have.

“They will be modern and well-equipped facilities, which will represent an increase in operational efficiency. It is, of course, an important project for Loulé, but even for the entire region», he concluded.


Photos: Pablo Sabater | Sul Informação