JSD/Algarve will inaugurate a mural in honor of all former presidents

This is the last initiative of Carlos Gouveia Martins, as president of JSD/Algarve

JSD/Algarve will open, on December 8th, at the district headquarters of Faro of the PSD, a mural in tribute to all former presidents of this party youth since its foundation in the region in 1978. 

This will be the last initiative of Carlos Gouveia Martins, as president of JSD/Algarve.

The foundation of JSD at national level dates back to June 1974, when around thirty young people created the “PPD Youth Nucleus”, led by António Rebelo de Sousa, who in a few days changed its name to JSD. The first National Political Commission of the JSD is elected on May 31, 1975.

It was only when JSD was led by António Lacerda de Queiroz, second leader of JSD, in December 1978, that there was a national structure with the implementation of more district structures and it was at this time that António Lacerda created, in the Algarve, the District of JSD.

Vasco Grade becomes the first president of JSD/Algarve in December 1978, being responsible for implementing the structure throughout the district of Faro, “successfully achieving it and staying ahead of the Algarve structure until 1982,” says JSD.

So far, JSD/Algarve has had 17 presidents: Vasco Grade, Fernando Luís, Virgílio Callado, Maria João Carapeto, Álvaro Viegas, Octávio Escolástico, Rui Mateus, Joaquim Guerreiro, Fernando Viegas, Nuno Silva, Paulo Alentejano, Nuno Vaz Correia, Cristóvão Norte, Fábio Bota, Bruno Inácio, Eduardo Almeida and Carlos Gouveia Martins.

The current District Policy Committee of JSD/Algarve will then mark the 40 years of the structure in the region with a symbolic inauguration of the Mural “History of JSD/Algarve” which will feature the time periods of each mandate, national functions they performed and record photograph of each of the 17 presidents.

For Carlos Gouveia Martins, “it was a Herculean task for us to be able to bring together during this term all the former presidents, finally settling them at the same table, sharing memories and growing with the teachings of the 17 men and women who gave a lot for the region at the service of JSD over these 40 years'.

That is why it is a source of satisfaction «to know that all the next presidents, leaders, activists and sympathizers of JSD in the Algarve will no longer have an excuse for not knowing our history.

“It is a huge happiness, but, above all, it is the recognition of the hard work that these presidents embody in all the women and men in the Algarve who have accompanied them in their teams since 1978”, she says.

This will be the last initiative of Carlos Gouveia Martins, as president of JSD/Algarve, and the director says that, «going out with the mark of 40 years of JSD in the Algarve, along with all my friends and former presidents of the district of JSD, it's the best way to say goodbye to this family I've lived in for 18 consecutive years».