Quarteirense André Martins wins the Portuguese BMX Race Cup

The final podium had two “Algarvians”: André Martins, in 1st, and Yuri Capatini (Clube Bicross de Portimão), in 3rd

André Martins (Team BMX de Quarteira) won the Portuguese BMX Race Cup, after being the most regular of the season, and after the seventh and eight rounds of the competition, played this weekend, in Lisbon.

André Martins concluded the 2018 edition of the Portugal BMX Cup with 97 points, three more than Hugo Martins. The third place, with 90 points, was Yuri Capatini (Clube Bicross de Portimão).

In these last stages of Saturday and Sunday, the Spaniard Alejandro Kim (Yellow Mad BMX) was superior to all the competition.

On the first day, Hugo Martins (Team BMX de Quarteira) was the strongest opponent. On Sunday, when everything was decided, André Martins was the runner-up and thus stamped his passport to the top of the overall standings.

Among the females over 15 years old, Carolina Claro (House of the People of Abrunheira) stood out, who took the plenum. He won the stage on Saturday and Sunday and celebrated winning the Portuguese Cup. The rival who fought the most, both on the Boavista track and in general, was Mónica Gaboleiro.

André Ribeiro (NBS/Knowlege Inside/Niodo) triumphed in both stages this weekend and won the Cup in the cadet category.

The overall masters classification ended with a tie at the top, between André Valente (NBS/Knowledge Inside/Niodo) and Paulo Domingues (MS Racing Portugal/Estrelas da Amadora), with the first to snatch the trophy thanks to the tie-breaking criteria.

The cruisers' Cup of Portugal +30 goes to Bruno Berto's showcase (NBS/Knowledge Inside/Niodo), while the most regular juvenile at the time was André Ruela (BMX School AMUPB).

By teams, the Portuguese Cup enriches the NBS/Knowledge Inside/Niodo team's record.