PSD asks for "urgent intervention" in Rîbat da Arrifana

Social Democrats are calling for work to be carried out to clean up, deforest, consolidate and restore the archaeological site

José Carlos Barros and Cristóvão Norte, PSD deputies elected by the Algarve, presented this Thursday, 11 October, in the Assembly of the Republic, a draft resolution that requires the Government an "urgent intervention" in the archaeological site of Rîbat da Arrifana, located on the coast of the municipality of Aljezur.

Social Democrats recall that “this Rîbat – classified in 2013 as a National Monument – is the only one in our country and the second discovered in the Iberian Peninsula, after Guardamar, located in the former delta of the River Segura, in Alicante'.

According to José Carlos Barros, "the state of abandonment and accelerated degradation of this national monument is unacceptable", and considers that Rîbat needs an "urgent intervention in order to halt the process of degradation of the monument, starting with an action of cleaning and sealing of archaeological structures'.

The draft resolution of the PSD requires the Ministry of Culture to ensure, "as a matter of urgency, the carrying out of cleaning, deforesting, consolidation and restoration work on the archaeological site, as well as the creation and renovation of protection structures, ensuring its integrity of the buildings belonging to the rîbat-built complex from the Islamic era, as well as the buildings belonging to the reoccupation of the site in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries».

In addition to placing signs and information on the archaeological site, the PSD also recommends that the Government “fulfill the legal obligation to develop an annual maintenance plan and an inspection plan, and to develop a general intervention plan in the Rîbat Arrifana in the sense of its defence, valorisation, scientific study and investigation».