Algae bring together CCMar and Algarve companies in a collaborative laboratory

The “GreenCoLab” partners will now be able to «work in a strategic and integrated way in the development of new technologies, products and services»

The potential of algae biotechnology in Portugal will be boosted by the recently created “GreenCoLab”, a collaborative laboratory that brings together six partners, three of which are from the Algarve.

The Algarve's Sea Science Center (CCMar), proponent of the idea, are joined by the Algarve companies Necton and Sparos, as well as their counterparts Allmicroalgae, from Pataias, and Algaplus, from Ílhavo. The group of partners is completed by another research unit, the National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (LNEG).

This will become one of the collaborative laboratories recognized by the Foundation for Science and Technology, which launched these structures «to create qualified and scientific employment and promote research and innovation activities aimed at creating economic and social value».

“The “GreenCoLab” will promote economic growth and innovation in this sector with high potential, investing in larger scale production and diversification of commercial products based on algae”, according to CCMar.

This collaborative laboratory will allow the different partners to “work in a strategic and integrated way in the development of new technologies, products and services”.

“GreenCoLab will, in the short term, optimize current industrial production of algae-based compounds for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and animal feed, and ensure that these products respond to market needs. In the long term, we hope that GreenCoLab will diversify the range of industrial products that can be extracted from algae to include, for example, biofertilizers to recover soil and products that act in carbon sequestration or wastewater treatment», considered Adelino Canário, director of CCMar.