Vicentina proposes a "Commitment" with the sea and fishermen, between stories and flavors of Ferragudo

The event marks Vicentina's debut in cultural activities in the municipality of Lagoa

A guided tour through places that not even the locals know, a tasting of the flavors of the sea and a concert, with a wonderful setting: this is, in short, the proposal for Saturday, the 27th, in Ferragudo, with the event «Compromisso Maritime".

Over four hours, on a route that departs from Praça Rainha D. Leonor (at 18 pm), in downtown Ferragudo, and continues through the steep streets, to the Compromisso Marítimo building and its neighbor Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, a guided trip will be made through the ethnography, history, gastronomy and cultural manifestations of that fishing village in the municipality of Lagoa.

«This is an original idea developed by the Vicentina Association, which originates from the old fishing brotherhoods, the Compromissos Marítimos, secular institutions, created in the Middle Ages, and of which, in the Algarve, there are still traces built in Lagos, Ferragudo and Olhão », began by explaining Sónia Felicidade, responsible for organizing this event, integrated in the program of the 365 Algarve under the project “Fantastic Moments with Heritage”, promoted by Vicentina.

«Each of these routes can be different, there is always an element of surprise. We take people to discover the historical-cultural and built heritage, but also the customs and traditions, the gastronomy. There are always small activities with local fishermen, there are tastings, which can be in the tavern, in the fishermen's association, in the Compromisso Marítimo building itself. In the end, there is a show, original and unique, in a place where usually not much happens».

Next Saturday, the 27th, the concert will be in charge of M-PeX and his Portuguese guitar with some electronic music touches, scheduled for 21 pm, in the churchyard of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church, overlooking the Arade estuary and the Monchique mountains. In this scenario, M-PeX will present a «very diversified sound aesthetic», which must also be discovered.

The event "Maritime Commitment» in Ferragudo marks Vicentina's debut in cultural activities in the municipality of Lagoa, whose City Council is one of the initiative's supporters, along with the Parish Council of Ferragudo and the Maritime Scouts of Ferragudo – CNE 413, among other entities.

This project, adds Sónia Felicidade, involves «promoting the fishing communities that still exist and their knowledge, which is undervalued. It's going back to the past, what we were, the Algarve as a land of seafarers, of fishermen, which shaped us as we are, but also referring to the present and trying to value communities and their activities. Fishing may no longer be the main activity of these communities, but it continues to be at the root of their identity and, even economically, it continues to be important».

“That's also why we call this activity “Maritimo Commitment”. Commitment is a very symbolic word here,” he added.

Sónia Felicidade does not hide that this project is very dear to her, even because of her training as a sociologist. «Ferragudo is spectacular. It is a living museum, its urban core still has a lot related to this sea life». And, even what has emerged in the meantime, in the narrow streets of the village, ends up integrating this spirit, as is the case of an art gallery that will be visited during the activity on Saturday.

Because this event costs 15 euros (the complete program, including guided tour, tasting and concert) and can only receive a limited group of 20 to 30 people, those who are unable to go this Saturday can try it next year, May 27th, again in Ferragudo. There will also be two other “Compromisso Marítimo” events in Lagos, on March 16th and May 25th, with other surprises planned.

Next Saturday, there will also be a second option: the ticket costs 5 euros for those who just want to attend the M-PeX concert.

But the programming of the Vincentian Association, under the 365Algarve and his project “Fantastic Moments with Heritage”, does not stop there. On November 24th, January 26th and February 23rd, in Lagos, it will promote the «Urban Art Experience».

From an emblematic historic building, formerly a space of freedom inhibition (chain), today a cultural and artistic experimentation space, a journey of discovery of what is done in terms of urban art in the city of Lagos begins. Through a guided tour (Urban Art Tour) to works by some of the most representative artists of the contemporary urban art scene, the participant is invited to reveal possible messages implicit in the murals of this canvas city, while encountering other particularities that reveal the cultural, historical and artistic importance of the city of Lagos . In the afternoon, valuing experimentation, participants will have a stencil workshop (one of the techniques used in street art) with a guest artist, who will allow them to design and make their own t-shirt or cloth bag.

Vicentina will again present, in April and May, at the Fortaleza de Sagres, Castelo de Aljezur and Muralhas de Lagos, the show of videomapping premiered in March, in the first of these monuments.

These are «unique and impressive shows, created specifically for these three national monuments and which include monumental images, historical facts associated with each of the monuments and a remarkable sound. They use a direct and unifying language so that the various moments are easily recognizable, but in an imaginary and fictional narrative». The specific dates are not yet defined, but they are already predicting in their agenda, because those who have seen it guarantee that the multimedia show is very interesting.

«Marítimo Commitment» in Ferragudo – two types of tickets:

>>Full ticket: Guided tour, tasting and concert – 15 euros
>>Single ticket: M-Pex Concert – 5 euros
The full program features a limited number of participants.

Ticket Office: or on the spot
Reservations and information: 282 680 120 | +351 967 451 386 | [email protected]