PALP launches new crowdfunding campaign to end “for good” with oil threat

PALP asks for help to fund expenses with court proceedings

The Algarve Livre de Petróleo Platform will launch a second campaign of through crowdfunding in order to proceed with the legal proceedings against the exploration of hydrocarbons in the region.

At this point, after the first action of through crowdfunding having allowed to pay a law firm to file an injunction suspending the start of the prospecting work, «it is now essential to follow up the main action in court, as well as the challenge of the opinion of the Portuguese Environment Agency, to finish for good with this threat,” explains the PALP.

The platform «seees the future with great apprehension, taking into account the impacts of this activity in a region so dependent on tourism and the sea and with a high level of biodiversity and natural beauty. These impacts will have consequences on the economy, on health, on climate change, on the degradation of the quality of life of populations, on fauna and flora».

Therefore, explains PALP, “we have been working to cancel all existing contracts for oil exploration. Two have already been canceled on land and eight others have been terminated at sea”.

To challenge the start of prospecting off the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park – the “hole of Aljezur” – on April 27, 2017, an injunction was filed against the Ministry of the Sea and the General Directorate of Natural Resources, Security and
Maritime Services (DGRM) in order to challenge the administrative act that allowed the ENI/Galp consortium to proceed with drilling.

The injunction was resolved in favor of the PALP, but the Ministry of the Sea and ENI/GALP appealed the sentence. At this moment, the license that allows the borehole is suspended and the concessionaires cannot proceed with any work until there is a new sentence regarding this resource.

The final decision, explains the platform, "now depends on the main action, whose judgment will decide whether that license should be definitively annulled and, consequently, prevented this attempt to break our coast."

PALP also challenged the opinion that the Portuguese Environment Agency issued against an Environmental Impact Assessment for this borehole.

In a statement, the platform explains that «the costs of courts and lawyers already amount to several thousand euros, difficult to bear by the non-profit entities that make up the PALP and, for this reason, we launched this fundraising campaign. Any and all contributions are useful and valuable!».

To participate in the crowdfunding campaign you can click here.