Algarve researcher is the author of the first interactive film to be shown in Macau

Film has script and voiceover by Vítor Reia-Baptista, who died in August of this year

The first interactive film to be shown in Macau, which will be produced at the end of this month of September, is by researcher Bruno Mendes da Silva, deputy coordinator of the Center for Research in Arts and Communication (CIAC) and professor at the School Superior of Education and Communication at the University of Algarve (UAlg). 

For the first time in Macau, spectators will intervene, in real time, in the narrative of a film. “This is about producing the first interactive film in Macau, where the spectator is also the user, co-author of the work and protagonist”, explains CIAC.

The film is called “Cadavre Exquis” and is, therefore, by Bruno Mendes da Silva. The production is by Maria Paula Monteiro, who, as a facilitator, also developed an integrated strategy to enhance the initiative, bringing together the partners University of São José, Macau Cultural Institute and Creative Macau, improving integrated activities, embedded and aligned with her strategy.

This is, in a year, his second bet for Macau, the first being the film about the life and work of Camilo Pessanha, “PeSanIé – The Poet of Macau”, which has already entered the race for festivals.

According to Maria Paula Monteiro, «to expand the space for development, namely in areas such as Digital Art, Technology and Communication associated with Cinema, in Macau, with the objective of thinking about the use of the exchange of production, artistic producers and scientific knowledge in this area specific, are part of the objective of this initiative'.

The action, supported with funding from the Cultural Institute of Macau, includes a Master Class at the University of S. José, open to the community, and brings together a technical and artistic team made in Macau of 15 people, for the production of the interactive film, at the end of September, and also the strong possibility of competing in the Sound &Image Challenge International Short Film Festival 2018.

For Bruno Mendes da Silva, mentor of the project and also director of Cadavre Exquis, “it is an honor to help contribute to scientific education in academic institutions in Macau that focus on innovative research in the field of artistic and cultural studies, the case of the University of S. José».

And he continues, “On the other hand, I must say that I am very excited about the production of this film, the first of its kind in Macao. It's a fantastic challenge for someone who, like me, has already worked in this city».

According to the director, the film Cadavre Exquis will have three versions: the conventional version to be screened in movie theaters, the interactive version that will allow the user to interact and participate in the narrative.

And the third version, designed specifically for the international short film festival next December, the interactive installation. “If all goes well and we are accepted, we will set up this interactive experience in a tent … and the rest is a surprise”, says the same spokesperson.

The film, which has a script and the voice-over of Vítor-Reia-Baptista, died in August of this year, will compete at international festivals and will be exhibited in 2019, in Portugal, in several exhibition spaces.

The entire project will then be available online on the CIAC platform.