Timing offers its employees discounts at national companies

Timing Card is a lifetime discount card for everyone without exception

Timing, an Algarve temporary work company, bets on differentiation and is concerned, above all, with the well-being of its employees.

Thus, when signing the contract with the company, its employees are offered the Timing Card, a card that guarantees unique benefits that meet the needs and desires of employees and that no other company offers.

The Timing Card is a card that aims to obtain discounts, in a network of partners nationwide, from transport to health, telecommunications, fuel, hotels and entertainment.

Some of the associated partners are companies such as Blue Dental, Body Concept, CP, Depil Concept, GALP, HPA Saúde, Optivisão, Vodafone, Zoomarine, Blue Lavandarias or the Papaya restaurant.

Ricardo Mariano, CEO of Grupo Timing, says that “it is essential to value the work that its employees do for the company and for this reason, everyone without exception receives the Timing Card, a card that guarantees benefits and is for life. It can be used even by those who no longer collaborate with Timing, because what concerns us is people's well-being, wherever they are”.

Employees have access to all information in www.timing.pt/pt/timing-card.