Festa do Pontal moves to Fonte Filipe and only takes place on 1 September

The traditional summer party of the Social Democrats once again changes places, this time to the interior of the municipality of Loulé

The Festa do Pontal, a traditional summer gathering of the social-democratic family in the Algarve, this time will take place on the 1st of September, at Fonte Filipe, in Querença. In other words, it moves from the coast (Quarteira), where it has been in the last decade, to the interior, but remains in the municipality of Loulé.

According to a statement from the PSD of Loulé, which organizes the party, the «different calendar and location», «preferring to take place in an urban space to [occur] next to a watercourse and in the shade of leafy trees», is assumed “as a deliberate bet to return to the origins of the party”.

Another novelty will be the price of tickets for the party, which this year will cost 5 euros. But the Festa do Pontal will continue to count with the presence of the president of the PSD, who is now Rui Rio, as well as "highlighted national and regional figures of the party, together with hundreds of militants and sympathizers from various parts of the country."

Therefore, the Loulé PSD says it is certain that "all the conditions are in place for the 2018 edition, like the previous ones, to be a success."

However, as «the party space has less capacity», the Social Democrats advise «the advance purchase of tickets», which can be purchased from any member of the PSD's municipal bodies in Loulé or through the number 916134188.

The Pontal Festival is called that because, when it started to take place in the late 80s, when Cavaco Silva was president of the PSD, it took place in Pontal, a forested area near Ludo, in the municipality of Faro.