Theater play takes a Europe in crisis to Portimão

A Europe in crisis is the central theme of the play “Sweet Home Europe”, by the Italian playwright Davide Carnevali, […]

Photo: Filipe Ferreira

A Europe in crisis is the central theme of the play “Sweet Home Europe”, by the Italian playwright Davide Carnevali, takes the stage at the Municipal Theater of Portimão (TEMPO) this Saturday, June 30, at 21 pm, within the Eunice Network.

After “Lear”, by William Shakespeare, and “Montanha-Russa”, by Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata, the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II takes the play “Sweet Home Europa” to Portimão.

This is “a text that describes the extreme in which Europe is, the twilight, perhaps the place from which we can better see where we came from and where we are going, in a caustic vision of the European dream”, says TEMPO.

The text, which has accumulated awards and has been staged throughout Europe, premiered in Lisbon in March, at the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, in a staging by João Pedro Mamede, who is also an actor in the play, in the company of Isabel Costa, João Vicente and Daniel Bernardes (in the song), «deploying themselves into characters that symbolize countries estranged from Europe, proving that the dream of union is far from being fulfilled».

A man welcomes another man into his home for a business dinner: an invitation made as a token of respect and trust. Show him your garden. It presents you with your project plan that will take advantage of the natural resources of the country the other man comes from. Introduce him to your wife. If the other man signs the deal he proposes, the war in your country ends and the project is taken forward. Shake hands. The possibilities of meeting are multiple and the history of these three people is permanently reconfigured, to demystify the European dream and give permanent place to the tension of dialogue between peoples: the destiny of a civilization based on the issue of integration and acceptance of the other.

The rules of conversation are changed in a constant exercise of diplomacy and each action has a direct implication on the general balance of things. The abyss of the relationship between two human beings is the border between countries.

“In this fable, love is the political act that calibrates the economic well-being of the community; each individual, the memory of a people; the capital, the plate on the table».

According to the author of the text, David Carnevali, «what happens here, takes place in the same country or in different periods. Or even in different countries, in the same period. In the end, it doesn't matter where and when it happens. And so it is useless to establish a typology or chronology of events. Either way, universal history tends to repeat itself. Personal stories are superimposed, which are perpetuated from generation to generation. Forever. Until its disappearance”.

Tickets for this, which will be the last show of the 2017/2018 season, presented under the Eunice Network, a project for the dissemination of shows produced and co-produced by Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, cost between 7,50 euros and 10 euros.

can buy tickets here or at the TEMPO ticket office until Friday, from 13:30 pm to 18:00 pm, and on Saturday until showtime.