University of Algarve Research Centers participate in the “Science 2018” meeting

Research centers at the University of Algarve (UAlg) will participate in “Science 2018”, an annual meeting of researchers, which will […]

Photo: Gonçalo Dourado|Sul Informação

Research centers from the University of Algarve (UAlg) will participate in “Science 2018”, an annual meeting of researchers, which takes place from 2 to 4 July at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa.

This meeting is intended to promote a broad debate on the main themes and challenges on the scientific agenda, in addition to the universe of research, and also aims to stimulate not only participation, but also interaction between researchers, the business sector and the general public.

UAlg will be represented by researchers and professors from the Center for Research in Biomedicine (CBMR), the Center for Marine Sciences (CCMAR), the Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA), the Center for Research on Space and Organizations (CIEO) and the Center for Research in Arts and Communication (CIAC), which for three days will make various communications.

During the meeting, the most recent technological advances in research in Portugal will also be presented. In addition to the oral presentations, CIMA will make known, during the 2nd of July, through demonstrations, an autonomous underwater vehicle for the study of marine pollution and a tidal turbine and biofuels from microalgae, for renewable oceanic energies.

On the 4th, in a panel on “tourism in promoting economic sustainability”, the CIEO will present, from 15:30, the “Contributions to a quality index of tourist destinations: an application to the Algarve”.

On the same day, CBMR will present the platform “CBMR Science Platform: a window of knowledge open to the community”, at 15:30 pm, on a panel dedicated to digital platforms and telemedicine.

CCMAR will participate in several panels, such as those related to “Efficient Resource Monitoring and Management” and “Oceans and Aeronautics”, among others.

CIAC researchers also take to this event some of the most emblematic projects that are being developed at the Centre.

Organized by the Foundation for Science and Technology, in collaboration with the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture Ciência Viva and the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Science, the “Science 2018” meeting is one of the main showcases of national research.

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