Lagos Health Center gains room for dental consultations

The Lagos Health Center will have an oral health and dentistry room, where there will be […]

The Lagos Health Center will now have a room for oral health and dentistry, where there will be consultations for this specialty. 

The municipal executive unanimously validated, at a council meeting held this Wednesday, May 16, the attribution of a subsidy of 19.680 euros to the Algarve Regional Health Administration (ARS) for the equipping of the room that will allow the creation of the oral health consultation and dentistry.

At the same meeting, the draft of the collaboration protocol was also unanimously approved, to be signed with the ARS, which aims to “join efforts and gather the necessary conditions for the creation of other primary health care services in the areas of prevention, surveillance, treatment and immediate intervention”, namely physiotherapy activities and a new Family Health Unit.

This protocol provides, then, in addition to the creation of the oral health and dentistry room, the installation of a prefabricated pavilion, intended for physiotherapy activities, as well as the carrying out of small adaptation works necessary for the Child Health room to affect the “Amendoeira” Family Health Unit, the cost of which will be entirely borne by the Municipality, up to the amount of 90 thousand and 30 thousand euros, respectively.

ARS will support the hiring of specialist physicians and employees necessary for the services, as well as all operating expenses.

For the Municipality of Lagos, this partnership “is a way of giving body and expression to the attributions and competences enshrined in the legal system of local authorities, which aim to protect the rights and interests of the community in terms of access to health”.

«The commitment to articulation and collaboration between entities has proven to be a way to solve problems and strengthen the provision of primary health care», and the role of the Lacobrigense municipality goes «far beyond the terms of the protocol now approved, focusing , systematically and permanently, in the areas of health promotion and disease prevention, through the dynamization of numerous projects and activities that encourage the population to adopt healthy lifestyles», stresses the municipality.

About this protocol, Maria Joaquina Matos, mayor, referred that, "from the very beginning, the municipality's availability to collaborate in the area of ​​health has been total." Starting from supporting the installation of the first Family Health Unit (USF Descobrimentos) to supporting the installation of the second USF (USF Amendoeira), no effort was spared «to get Lagos out of the difficult position it was in in terms of health care ».

The needs identified in many people justify, in his opinion, this support also given for the installation of the room for oral health and dentistry, which will allow access to public consultations in this specialty, improving the oral health of users, which it generates a positive impact not only on the general health of each person, but also facilitates their social and even professional integration.

The Amendoeira do Algarve Family Health Unit (USF), headquartered at the Lagos Health Center, and which also covers the Bensafrim and Odiáxere Health Poles, was inaugurated recently and includes nine nurses, eight general practitioners and family and seven administrative, making up a multi-professional team that covers about 13600 users, which translated into a considerable increase in coverage by family doctors at the municipality level (an expected assistance gain of 6784 users).

Also according to information from ARS Algarve, the Lagos Health Center increased from 77,8% of users with a family doctor to 82,2% between November 2017 and February this year.